Why don’t you have a phone number?

We currently do not have a phone number because Jack & Maggie’s is a busy store with two websites, Jack Wolf and this website which lists opening hours, services and products which are available for delivery. For advice on raw food we recommend using the contact form on the Jack Wolf website or messaging either Facebook page.

Do you make JAck WOlf DOg food?

Jack Wolf is a brand and trading name of Jack & Maggie’s Ltd. We produce the brands ‘Jack Wolf’ and ‘Primal Instinct’ in a specially built production facility in East Sussex and from there we ship UK-wide. Our food exceeds manufacturing standards typically seen in human food factories and is well-known for it’s freshness.

Where can I find you?

Jack & Maggie’s is located mid-way along Carden Avenue, Brighton near to the Long Man Pub. You can park in the parade, the small road parking area in front of the parade and in roads nearby. It is not normally impossible to find a place to park which isn’t a short walk from the store, despite it’s corner location.